OpenArch has conquered Route 66!

??????OpenArch has conquered Route 66!??????

After months of working from home, 18 intrepid staff from OpenArch set off from Chicago to fulfil our ambition of travelling the 2280 miles of Route 66 all the way to Santa Monica.

We stepped, walked, ran, cycled, and rowed and some of us avoided the bad weather by clocking up the miles indoors. We didn’t break any lockdown rules because our journey across America was virtual as we had taken on the Route 66 Conqueror Challenge. We were able to map our miles against the route and admire the scenery we passed virtually through Street View.

Three teams of six people from across the company took part and it was a great way to feel connected to each other even when we could not work alongside each other.

It took us a little over 4 months to complete the challenge. Each team covered the 2280 miles but split the distance between the team members, with individual contributions ranging from 26 miles to 1001 miles. ‘Kicks of 66’ finished first, ‘Ready, Let’s Go’ came in second and ‘AWNTY?’ (Are We Nearly There Yet?) completed the hat-trick.

Not only did the Challenge bring us together, it was also a great way to encourage each other to get active and this brought its own rewards in our physical and mental health and wellbeing. We also got these great medals!

Any questions? Drop us a message and one of our team will be happy to help...